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The MA Promotion Program

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The MA Promotion Program

The Anthropology Department’s MA Promotion program is designed for UVA undergraduates who wish to deepen their understanding of the many possible ways people live in the world. Students accepted into the program transition directly from their undergraduate studies to the Anthropology MA program at UVA. Applicants should have taken some anthropology courses during their undergraduate studies, but UVA students from any undergraduate major are eligible to apply.

Undergraduates are encouraged to plan carefully with their advisors as early as possible in their undergraduate careers, ideally in their 3rd year, in order to take full advantage of the program. Students who have successfully completed 5000-level anthropology courses during their undergraduate studies may apply up to 6 credits of this coursework toward the MA degree. For those who have done this, the 24-credit MA program can be completed in as little as one additional academic year. Note, however, that only 5000-level courses taken over and above the 120 required College credits, and not being used to fulfill College or major/minor requirements, can be applied to the MA.

Advantages of the MA Promotion program include a streamlined application process, a waived application fee, and where graduate-level coursework taken as an undergraduate can be applied, tuition savings (because Graduate School tuition is charged by the credit, so fewer credits will need to be earned during the MA). Part-time enrollment is an option.

Students wishing to learn more about the MA Promotion program and whether it could be a good fit for you are encouraged to speak with the Director of Undergraduate Programs. Please note that the Anthropology Department admits graduate cohorts, including MA students, only in alternate years. Please see “How to Apply” on our Graduate Program Overview page for detailed information about the department’s biannual admission cycle.