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Global Culture and Commerce Minor

The Department of Anthropology accepts applications for the Global Culture and Commerce (GCC) minor on a rolling basis. Please contact the Program Director for more information.

The GCC minor focuses on the intersection of two sets of issues:

  1. Cultural translation and cross-cultural knowledge, and
  2. Local and global economic and cultural development.

This minor speaks to a longstanding interest of College students for a liberal arts perspective on the world of global development and international business.

The GCC minor will consist of six courses, to be distributed as described below, and one co-requisite language course BEYOND THE 2020 LEVEL.

  • One course (in ANTH or another department) focusing on a cultural area other than the U.S. (this course may NOT also be used to satisfy the College's non-western perspectives distribution requirement);
  • Two ANTH courses focusing on or relevant to the study of transnational economic and cultural exchanges;
  • Two related courses from other College departments or other schools to be selected in consultation with an advisor;
  • A capstone course (an appropriate upper-level seminar in ANTH or a related discipline);
  • One language course beyond the 202 level of any language taught at University of Virginia (or in an approved study-abroad program).
  • The above courses may NOT be double-counted toward another major or minor, except for the co-requisite language course. Courses for the minor should be taken at University of Virginia, although courses taken abroad will be considered for inclusion by the program directors.

The program is directed by Ira Bashkow, who also serves as the academic advisor for students in the program. Admission to the minor will be by application. Interested students should email the following materials to the Program Director:

  • A transcript;
  • A one-page statement of purpose (a discussion of the intellectual issues and ideas that you would like to engage by pursuing the GCC minor, including specific courses you would like to include in the minor).

Each student will plan his or her program with the director, choosing courses in the above categories in a coordinated fashion. In general, each student's program will be designed to focus on a set of substantive issues, relevant to specific areas of the world. The program director will consider exceptions to the co-requisite language requirement in the cases of bilingual students or students who wish to begin study of a second language.

“The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only.  The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at”