Anthropology at UVA
Socio-Cultural | Archaeology | Linguistics

Providing undergraduates with a critical introduction to human variation in time and space, and training graduate students to be creative and responsible teachers, researchers and citizens.


Linguistic anthropology is the study of language as it is embedded in its social context. At the University of Virginia we provide substantial training in linguistic analysis, while emphasizing an ethnographic approach to the study of language in use.


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Socio-cultural anthropology is the broadest and most inter-disciplinary of fields, incorporating the humanities and social sciences, and increasingly engaging with the natural sciences as well, both as active research partners or subjects of study.


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Anthropological archaeology investigates past cultures and their transformations through time. Our approach is global and comparative, with regional interests of the faculty and graduate students including Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.


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 "Recognizing that diversity is a crucial hallmark of the human species, we repudiate all ideologies of intolerance, including those of white supremacy, anti-semitism, hetero-normativity and male gender dominance."

-Department of Anthropology