Faculty Books

Department of Anthropology faculty are active publishers in a range of fields, topics, and geographic regions. Here is just a sample of recent books written by current University of Virginia anthropologists.

Sonia Alconini and R. Alan Covey (eds.)

The Oxford Handbook of the Incas

Oxford University Press, 2018.

When Spaniards invaded their realm in 1532, the Incas ruled the largest empire of the pre-Columbian Americas. Just over a century earlier, military campaigns began to extend power across a broad swath of the Andean region, bringing local societies into new relationships with colonists and officials who represented the Inca state. With Cuzco as its capital, the Inca empire encompassed a multitude of peoples of diverse geographic origins and cultural traditions dwelling in the outlying provinces and frontier regions. Bringing together an international group of well-established scholars and emerging researchers, this handbook is dedicated to revealing the origins of this empire, as well as its evolution and aftermath. Chapters break new ground using innovative multidisciplinary research from the areas of archaeology, ethnohistory and art history.