Colleen Winkelman (she/her)

Graduate Student

  • BA in Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks 2018


Sport (Rugby), Global, National, and Group identities in sport, Embodiment, Language and gender, Aotearoa New Zealand and Oceania

I am a PhD student in linguistic and socio-cultural anthropology and my research interests are currently under construction!

My previous research interests were focused on rugby players and linguistic practices in Oceania, specifically Aotearoa New Zealand. This interest grew out of an undergraduate thesis I wrote on the social song practices of collegiate women rugby players in the US. I became interested in haka (posture dance) and Aotearoa New Zealand because of the practice and appropriation of the form that some US teams particiapted in as well as the influence of the All Blacks (New Zealands' national men's team) on the aspiring ruggers in the US.

However, the recent pandemic and other events of life have changed some things for me and I have started to turn towards other research. I am still interested in communication and bodies, but am looking towards relationships between animals and humans.