Nazli Azergun

Pre-Field Graduate Student, Graduate Student Representative

MA in Global Studies, University of California Santa Barbara, 2019

BA in Political Science and International Relations, Bogazici University, 2016


Economic systems and corporations; social studies of finance and financialization
Economics and politics of sustainability; sustainable/responsible investing; ESG integration
Community design and thinking; alternative subjectivities and communities
Value extraction and creation; commons
Indigeneity and market participation; art markets and Indigenous art
Affect theory and sociology of emotions
Regional specialization: North America, Northern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East

I am a PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology. My dissertation project investigates Environmental-Social-Governance investing, a recent financial trend aiming to allocate credit on the basis of environmental and social impact, in addition to financial prospects. Within the ESG sector, I am particularly interested in:

1) taxonomy creation which operates as a way of translating environmental and social risks into financially commensurable investment inputs,

2) how financial professionals reconcile in their work the two rather divergent objectives of short-term profit maximization and caring for long-term environmental and social impact.


Prior to my doctoral studies at the University of Virginia, I have completed an MA degree in Global Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara on a Fulbright grant. My MA thesis, which was based on short-term ethnographic research in an income-sharing community, investigates the market participation practices and resource allocation mechanims of this community. An article based on my MA thesis, where I use Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom's commons framework to explain the workings of this egalitarian community, has recently appeared in Economic Affairs journal.


During my undergraduate years, I have conducted research on the economic participation patterns of informal waste collectors in Istanbul, Turkey and on the politicization of public spaces in Turkey by a Swing/Lindy Hop community.