Dionisios Kavadias (ΔΚ)

PhD  University of Virginia 2017
MA    University of Virginia 2010
MA    University of Chicago 2007
BA     St. Mary's College of Maryland 2003


Kinship, food, agriculture, nationalism; Greece; Public/digital scholarship

Dionisios Kavadias (ΔΚ) specializes in cultural understandings of the body and family life by studying local practices of healing and food. He has a master’s degree in social science from the University of Chicago and a PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Virginia for research on the economic, medical, and religious uses of family-made olive oil among farmers in southwestern Greece. Material culture studies plays a large part in his research, given a former career in historical archaeology. Drawing from nearly ten years of teaching in anthropology and study abroad programs in places such as India, South Africa, and Brazil, his courses on food culture, medical anthropology, spirituality, and globalization emphasize the relationship between global systems and personal experiences, especially as a way “to see the box before we can think outside of it.” Dionisios has been awarded for achievements in both writing and teaching, but music and food are his favorite forms of communication.