Yu-Chien Huang

Fieldwork Completed

M. A. University of Virginia
M.A. National Taiwan University
B.A.  National Taiwan University


Kinship, hierarchy, gender, exchange and personhood; Yap, Micronesia, Taiwan (Formosan Austronesians)

My current dissertation project investigates the complex relations among land, gender, traditional hierarchy, and state bureaucracy in Yap (Wa’ab), Federated States of Micronesia. I aim to analyze an international tourist development project in Yap, which has provoked local cleavage along the lines of gender, race, states and cultures. In this project, I hope to unravel the gendered subjectivities encompassed in local hierarchy. I am also interested in exploring the epistemic confrontations between the Yapese and foreign tourist developers, as well as the contemporary dilemmas between the modern state and chiefly powers.