Concentration in Medical Anthropology, Ethics, and Care

Students in this concentration will study a diverse range of factors that impact the body, and the ways that people understand, experience, and respond to states of health and illness.  Students will critically examine the complex ethical orientations that shape the manners in which people care for or abandon one another in various conditions of exposure, vulnerability, and well-being.  Anthropological knowledge and practice offer a unique resource for questioning our own assumptions on these and other matters. Students in this concentration will use such knowledge to address some of the most difficult problems we face today, and in so doing, help create the world anew.

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To begin the process of enrolling in this concentration, contact the Medical Anthropology, Ethics, and Care Concentration Advisor.





  1. Fulfill all non-elective requirements for the B.A. in Anthropology.
  2. When choosing electives toward your Anthropology major, include the following:
    • ANTH 2280 Medical Anthropology, and
    • 4 additional courses chosen from the Medical Anthropology Concentration Course List

Medical Anthropology Concentration Course List

ANTH 2340       Anthropology of Birth and Death

ANTH 2375       Disaster

ANTH 2270       Race, Gender, And Medical Science

ANTH 2345       Anthropology of Reproduction: Fertility and The Future

ANTH 2430       Anthropology of Birth and Death

ANTH 2285       Saving the World? Development and Humanitarianism

ANTH 3290       Biopolitics

ANTH 3130       Disease, Epidemics and Society

ANTH 3129       Marriage, Mortality, Fertility

ANTH 3240       The Anthropology of Food

ANTH 3370       Power and The Body

ANTH 3440       Language and Emotion

ANTH 3600       Sex, Gender, And Culture

ANTH 3300       Tournaments and Athletes

ANTH 4991       Anthropology, Violence, And, Human Rights

ANTH 5190       Science and Culture

ANTH 5360       World Mental Health

ANTH 5528       Topics in Race Theory

ANTH 5240       Relational Ethics

BIOL 4660         How Do They Do It? Method and Logic in Biomedical Science

BIOL 3090         Our World of Infectious Disease

ENSP 3610        Narratives of Illness and Doctoring Marcia Childress 

HIEU 3321         Scientific Revolution 1450-1700

HIST 2150          Global Environmental History

MDST 3306       Sexuality, Gender, Class and Race in the Teen Film 

MDST 3409       LGBTQ Issues in the Media 

MDST 4108       Media, Drugs, and Violence in Latin America 

PHIL 1740         Issues of Life and Death 

PHIL 3651         Genes, Nature and Justice

PHIL 3780         Reproductive Ethics 

RELG 2650        Theological Bioethics 

SOC 2498          Prozac Culture 

SOC 3700          Health and Society 

SOC 4740          Sociol Persp on Trauma, Atrocity, & Responsibility 

WGS 2848         Reproductive Technology