Concentration in Indigenous Worlds

Students in this concentration will be exposed to ethnographic studies and anthropological theories devoted to “the Indigenous.” For anthropologists, this term commonly refers to the knowledges and worldviews of the many peoples who are our disciplinary interlocutors around the globe. In American contexts, “indigenous” usually refers to First Peoples of the Western hemisphere, and includes Native American Studies. At the transnational scale, indigenous peoples’ movements are political realities, converging at sites like the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and the World Conservation Congress. This concentration takes an unbounded approach, engaging with all of these perspectives and scales, and many others, without reducing “the Indigenous” to any of them. Students will be given the opportunity to engage with the vast array of possibilities for being human, studying for example both colonial-era encounters, and contemporary indigenous relationships to issues such as sustainable livelihoods, public health, and environmental care. This concentration offers unique opportunities for interdisciplinary learning across two areas of distinction at UVA: Indigenous arts and curation, and the environmental humanities.

For more information, or to begin the process of enrolling in this concentration, contact the Indigenous Worlds Concentration Advisor.


  1. Fulfill all non-elective requirements for the B.A. in Anthropology.
  2. When choosing electives toward your Anthropology major, include the following:
  • 3 classes from Indigenous Worlds Concentration Course List A
  • 2 classes from Indigenous Worlds Concentration Course List B

Indigenous Worlds Concentration Course List A

AMST 2233       Contemporary Native American Literature

AMST 3641       Native America

AMST 2231       Native Americans in Popular Culture

ANTH 1050       Anthropology of Globalization

ANTH 2120       The Culture Concept

ANTH 2250       Nationalism, Racism, and Multi-Culturalism

ANTH 2153       North American Indians

ANTH 2365       Art & Anthropology

ANTH 3152       Amazonian Peoples

ANTH 3450       Native American Languages

ANTH 3680       Anthropology of Australian Aboriginal Art

ANTH 5885       Archaeology of Colonialism

ANTH 9545       History, Modernity, Indigeneity

HIAF 3112         African Environmental History

HIST 3641         Native America

HIST 7021         Comparative Cultural Encounters in North America (1492-1800)

MDST 4301       Global Indigenous Media

Indigenous Worlds Concentration Course List B

AMST 2420       Cultural Landscapes in the United States

ANTH 2160       Culture and the Environment

ANTH 3100       Indigenous Landscapes

ANTH 3340       Ecology and Society

ANTH 3385       The Archeology of Europe

ANTH 3880       Archaeology of Africa

ANTH 3480       Language and Prehistory

ANTH 3490       Language and Thought

ANTH 5470       Language and Identity

ANTH 5475       Multi-Modal Interaction

ANTH 5220       Economic Anthropology

ANTH 5425       Language Contact

ANTH 5528       Topics in Race Theory

ARTH 1505        Art and Money

ARTH 4591        University Museum Internships

GSGS 3112        Ecology and Globalization in the Age of European Expansion

HILA 2001         Colonial Latin America

HIST 2112         Maps in World History

HIST 3011         Colonial Period in North America

MDST 3407       Racial Borders and American Cinema

MDST 3650       Shooting the Western

RELG 2210        Religion, Ethics, and Global Environments

RELG 3360        Conquest and Religions in the Americas, (1400s-1830s)